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Duct cleaning using various types of air compressed whips. Dryer & vent cleaning, Cleaning of central vacuum canister, Bathroom exhaust fan cleaning, Gas Fireplace Cleaning, Furnace cleanings, Installation of humidifiers , Installation of hepa filters , Installation of air cleaners, Mechanical or electronic camera inspections. Use Benefect Bacterial Disinfectant with our fogging machine Citrus and Spice fragrance. Duct cleaning and furnace cleanings are recommend after any home renovations. If you have a high efficiency furnaces the secondary heat exchanger could be clogged with dry wall dust and could  make your furnace overheat due to lack of air flow.  This will diminish the life span of the furnance. Air conditioner coil could become clogged with dry wall dust as well. Don’t be fooled by the lower end priced duct cleaning companies out there.  Remember the saying you get what you pay for.  At A&R we provide top of the line service to our customers.  We go above and beyond.  Our duct cleaning service process consists of: -       Set up takes us minimum 30 minutes -       We use drop sheets to protect your floors -       We use booties on our shoes -       We use wall corner covers to protect the paint on your walls -       We cover every register to maximize the vacuum power to each register we are working with -       We use various air compressed whips and attachments to dislodge debris in the duct work.  To see how effective the whips and attachments work view our video below.

We service all makes and models, complete duct work, furnace installations / repairs, gas fireplace installations / repairs, Air Conditioner installations / repairs, ductless air conditioners / heat pump, hot water tanks / tankless units, unit heaters, tube heaters, any gas appliances such as stove, bbq, dryers, pool heaters installed, furnace cleanings, installation of humidifiers, installation of hepa filters, installation of air cleaners, mechanical or electronic.

We provide reliable and easy to operate air conditioning systems that improve productivity and create a pleasant environment. We install air conditioning in all types of residential properties. Our promise is to deliver customised solutions that are right for your environment and your budget, helping you create a more comfortable and inviting environment for your employees, customers and visitors. If you are unsure as to your requirements, we can talk through the proposal and select the goods most suitable for the application and issue a quotation for the installation and Product.